Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dredlocks and Half Moon Natchwoolie

Cool new purse for me was handspun, crocheted and then felted. It has half round bamboo handles. The oatmeal colored fiber is a blend of wool and mohair that I got in a swap from katessheep on Ravelry.
The silver stripe is some llama roving that I got in another swap from Roving1 on Ravelry. Lovely stuff! You can't see it here, but it has a shine that won't quit!

The locks are dyed Teeswater locks that I bought from katessheep. They are absolutely the most gorgeous thing I've seen in awhile! When he saw the finished purse, hubby remarked, "Look! You made a bag with dredlocks!" Funny man.

This is the beginning of my half moon shawl featuring some merino/silk that I bought from Natchwoolie (the pink and grey blend) and some grey merino/alpaca from Ashland Bay. The Natchwoolie fiber arrived undyed and in cloud form. I dyed it three different colors and then my son carded it with some angelina into the gorgeous batts I posted about not long ago. I spun it bulky and it is really beautiful! Such a soft blend of the colors and the texture is amazing.

Here is an overview of the shawl in progress. There will be another band of each color on there by the time it is finished.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cotton Baby Feet

I got back to working with some of the Isis Cotton I got from Betty at Sheeps of Egyptian Cotton on etsy awhile back. I made these oh so cute baby sockies! I so love them. This cotton is such beautiful colors and really soft too. It's a joy to work with and the baby is loving wearing her new footwear. Thanks, Betty!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just for Danido

Okay, for Dani, and because it's April Fool's Day. I put together a VERY impromptu "If Cyndi Lauper Were a Farm Wife" costume and my son took these photos. Sorry, I didn't have a tutu, but that IS my summer going to town skirt and that IS my winter orange flannel petticoat underneath it and those ARE my muck boots! Go ahead, have a good chuckle.