Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiration and Spinning Unite!

A very exciting project is on the horizon for me and several of my indie artist friends. In June we plan to debut a monthly spinning treat for the peeps we serve. It's called Inspineration!

What is Inspineration? It's spinning. It's inspiration. It's a treat for the senses! Each month we will be uniting to explore a common theme through the creation of fabulous art batts and fibers. We will then package a variety of those fibers into a unique package and make the whole thing available to discerning spinners! Inspineration!

Who are the uber cool artists who are providing delicious themed fibers? First we have the always classy, ultra chic Melissa of Banana Migraine. Melissa's fibers are hip and edgy with a focus on raw color and emotion. Next we have the oh so sophisticated, ever elegant Dawn of Dawning Dreams. Dawn provides fibers with heart and texture. Her fibers ooze taste and refinement without overlooking fun and a touch of your inner child. Then, we have the zany, creative and vivacious Sue of The Critter Ranch. Sue brings the farm to you with farm fresh fibers. Always fun with a twist, Sue's fibers will delight, amaze and uplift you. Finally, I round out the team with penache and a Desert Garden Flair.

Each box will contain a one ounce offering from each of these super shops. The first month's theme will focus on an 80's Flashback! Other eras will follow. Stay tuned and watch our groups, shops and tweets for more information to come. Inspineration is on the way!