Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rumor Has It

Hi!  My name is Blackjack.  I'm a black shetland ram.  I am one year old and that is my girl in the background.  I live here on Desert Garden Farms.  In fact, I was born here.  It's a mighty interesting place.  With the other sheep to hang with and a couple of lazy llamas that let us climb all over them.  The horses are kinda bossy and push us out of the feeder, so we don't hang out much with them.  The goats are okay, though.  They play tag with us and don't smell too bad.

I heard some talk the other day between my girl and the boss lady.  Everybody calls her, "Mom".  Anyway, I heard there are some big changes happening here on the 'stead.  Yeah!  I heard that some new sheep were coming to live with us.  Shetlands, like me.  Woohoo!  I also heard that some of them are super hawt!!!

In just a couple of weeks Mom and the big guy she hangs out with (I think they call him Poppa) are going to pick up these new sheep.  But that's not all I heard!  I heard that when the new sheep get here we are all going to have new jobs.  Our jobs are going to be to "grow shares" for some people who are going to be a part of "the CSA".  Sounds super exciting to me.  I don't know what shares are, but I know I'm pretty good at growing wool.  Hope I still get to do that. 

I also heard that we are all getting brand new coats!  Isn't that just the bees knees?  A new coat for me!  I've never had a coat before but I hear they are just the height of sheep fashion these days.  The girl says it will keep me clean and make my wool nicer for the CSA.  I don't know about this staying clean business.  Honestly, I think dirty sheep are the best, but I'm willing to give it a try if I get to have one of those stylish sheep coats.  I hope mine's blue.  I realy like blue. 

I heard more, too.  I heard that Poppa and all the kids are going to be building some new grazing pens for us.  Yeehaw!  Salad Bar!!!  My girl said that we will get to use the new pens to get fresh greens to eat.  When we have eaten the good stuff from one pen, we get to move to another, fresh pen of greens.  Sounds yummy! 

All in all I think good things are coming for the sheep at Desert Garden Farms.  I know I can't wait to meet...ahem...I mean GREET the new ladies coming to the farm.  That means that this fall there will be 7 shetland sheep, 2 East Friesen sheep (lovely ladies!), two llamas and a pack of pygmy goats living on the 'stead.  Oh, and the pesky horses.  I've heard there are some chickens and rabbits hanging around too.  I've never met them.  Things sure are exciting over here! 

Well, I'm off.  Gotta go eat my weed assignment for today and talk to the farm cat about dropping some live mice into the horses' hay feeder......