Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last of the Spring kids

Ella finally had her kids this afternoon! These are also Cypher babies and should be the last kids we are expecting until Fall. This is the doe kid whose name will either be Harriet or Gretel.
The other is a buck kid who was being difficult to photograph. Sorry for the wierd, grainy pic. I'm still figuring out the settings on this new camera. Anyway, he'll either be a Harold or a Hansel. What do you guys think? Hansel and Gretel or Harriet and Harold? Hmmmm......I'm torn.

Llamas and Chickens, Oh My!

By of some of the other animals that live here. A golden sex link hen searches for bugs in the garden.
These birds sure are good at bug control.

This is Ricoh, one of the four llamas that live here. Ricoh is our smooth talking, ladies man with a cool attitude.

This is Hudson. He is the class clown and if anyone is going to get into mischief, it will be Hudson every time.

This is Hot Shot. He is laid back and spends most of his time sunning in a nice dust bowl.

And, this is Rosey. Rosey is Queen Bee around here and will let you know, in no uncertain terms, that you are here to serve her. She is expecting a cria this year and we are very excited to have a baby llama running around.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Surprise

Look what we found when we got home tonight! Born to Dori and Cypher....triplets! Our first triplets ever. A doe kid named Truth.
A buck kid named Honor.

And a buck kid named Courage. Sonny Boy will be taking mother and children to fair this year. Yay!

And, the promised picture of Temperance. Isn't she a lovely girl?

May Phat Box

Got my Phat box for May today and boy was it nommy! Here's a shot of the fibers. Top row includes: Crocus Merino from; gorgeous sample batt from (love this!); Alpaca sample from; Bellino mohair/merino from (I've been eyeballing this!). Bottom row includes: Superwash Merino from, Chloris SW Merino from, and Flourish Merino/Bamboo roving from
Here are the yarns. In the top row: Sprinkles handspun by (we love this one), Tigerlilies and Nasturtiums handspun by (another fav), delicious Petal Pushers hand dyed from, and Poppy organic merino sock yarn from Bottom row: Spring Shower sock yarn from (love the bus name!), brilliant Victory yarn from, and Appletini cashmere lace from (makes me want to learn to knit lace!).

Then there are goodies. Tons of coupons and cards tucked into this darling notions wrap. Also included: tiny project bag by (amazing!), gorgeous shawl/kilt pin from, ceramic buttons from (I'm a button freak!), tiny stitch marker from, and a darling raindrop stitchmarker and cute rain themed bookmarks from
All in all a very satisfying box. I'm off to fondle it some more! Thanks to all who contributed!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching Up

If feels like forever since I posted. Well, I guess it has been awhile. But, I'm BAAAAAAACK and with a camera. So, to catch up on some of the stuff that's been going on around here. Loved these shots of the kids at 4h meeting the other day. We practiced our herding skills and even had a mini timed trial. They were in teams and had to put the sheep in the barn the fastest and even got extra points if they put them between two obstacles in the yard. I loved this shot of Hubby and Baby Girl, the Oldest flying behind the beasties.
Here, the kids worked as a group to bring the whole herd in off the pasture. They did an excellent job and didn't even leave any strays.

Whoosh, right through the gate.

Gratuitous baby pic! This is Patience. She was born to Grace and Curly Joe on May 4th. Grace's sister, Felicity, had a doe kid who is a sister to this one on the 11th, but I guess I didn't get a picture of her yet. I'll go back out and get one shortly.

And, a fluff piece. These are some batts that Sonny Boy and I carded from a blend of lincoln lamb and kid mohair that we grew right here on the 'Stead. This colorway is called "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" and was part of the samples we sent in for the May Phat Fiber samples. This group of full sized batts went up in the shop today.