Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Surprise

Look what we found when we got home tonight! Born to Dori and Cypher....triplets! Our first triplets ever. A doe kid named Truth.
A buck kid named Honor.

And a buck kid named Courage. Sonny Boy will be taking mother and children to fair this year. Yay!

And, the promised picture of Temperance. Isn't she a lovely girl?


  1. I WANT one!!!!!They are soooooo precious!! Congratulations on the triplets:)

  2. P.S.Can we see some Llama pictures?? And maybe more pics of your chickens you blogged about a few months ago?? I'm a sucker for cute animals:)

  3. re: previous comment, I wanted to add...not that you're busy or anything? Right? So let me edit to say, "When you get the time, (ha), can we please see pics"...etc as written above.

  4. You bet! In fact, I just took some close up pics of llamas the other day for the kids' 4h books. And, I have some chicken pics too.