Friday, August 14, 2015

Hi! I'm Dinah and that's my girl with me.  I'm a four month old Shetland/Romney cross lamb.  This week, I get to bring you the Fair Report!

We all got to travel to this place they call, "the Fair".  It was all pretty exciting. The horses got to go over first.

From what I hear, they spent all their time "horsing around".  Bwahahahahaha!!!! But seriously, the horses had a great time.  They got to have baths and spent a lot of time eating hay and getting petted.

The rest of us got to come over a couple of days later.

 The rabbits had a pretty good show.  They sure brought back lots of ribbons.  This was The Boy's last year showing at the Fair.  I heard he is too old now and they are sending him to some place called "college".  I hope I don't get too old and get sent away!  That sounds rotten.
I also learned that this chicken, Cinderella, was super naughty at the show.  She escaped three times and all the kids had to run around like crazy and try to catch her.  Look at how that little girl is trying to keep ahold of her.  Scandalous!

But the sheep show was my favorite part.

Here I am looking gorgeous for the judge.  I had to walk around the building with some other sheep.  Of course, I was the most awesome in the ring.  Then I had to stand pretty and let the judge touch me and talk to my girl.  It was all very cool and educational. 

Blackjack went to the show, too.  He got lots of pretty ribbons (mine were better!).  The judge said he had fine wool and good staple length.  Ha!  I think I did better because he said I had nice density. 

Lots of people came by all week and petted us and told us we are cute.  Like we didn't know.  Silly people!  But it's okay because my girl said they were learning about wool sheep and how awesome we are.  I'm all for that!

I can't wait for it to be Fair time again next year.  I have big plans for a sheepy sleepover party in the barn.  I'm bringing the apple s'mores makings!

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