Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Water, water everywhere...and boy does it stink!

Ugh!  Everyone on the 'stead is frustrated this week.  That flooding issue we have had in the past is back.  And with a vengeance.  Look at all the water!

The farmers are pumping the water out of the driveway and away from the rabbit barn 2 or 3 times a day, but it just isn't enough.  The water is coming in way too fast.  So now the driveway is muddy and you have to walk through a swamp to get to the rabbits.  The farmers are wearing big, heavy rubber boots all the time.  It makes them cranky to wear those in the heat.  And, to make things oh so much better, there are mosquitoes everywhere!!!  The farmers have tried a couple of natural remedies for the problem.  They work, but there is just so much standing water and they are really having a hard time staying ahead of the problem.  They don't want to have to spray for the mosquitoes, but they are worried they might have to so that they can keep us all safe from West Nile Virus.  Meanwhile, many of the animals here are getting sprayed with essential oils daily to try and protect us from the little blood suckers.

All this water in the driveway means the car has to drive through mud every time someone wants to go in or out.  This is making a big mess of the driveway and the car is really getting muddy.  The farmers are talking about having to park up on the road and walk in for awhile until the mud is under control.  Poor farmers!

I really hope they can find a way to get rid of some of this water soon.  Us sheep got moved back to the barnyard for the time being.  We were out grazing on some of these areas, but we can't be standing around in muddy water.  So, no salad bar for us for a bit.  There is one dry section over on the other side of the property that the farmers were talking about letting us eat.  They have to go into the muddy part first to get all the posts and fencing though.  What a job that's going to be!  If they can get the fencing moved, then we can go back out to graze.  That will be delicious, but I feel bad that our people have to get muddy and wet to make it happen. 

Stay tuned for an update on our little version of "Water World" or "Old MacDonald Had a Swamp"!

This is Blackjack saying, "Keep your feet dry"!

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