Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet and Greet

Meet Bess.  She is an agouti pygmy doe who just came to live with us.  Isn't she a sweet potata?  We think she's just as cute as can be and look forward to having her company in our barnyard!


Other doings around the 'stead include a major cleanup day of the rabbit commune.  Much raking and tray emptying was done by the worker bees here.  We repaired some caging and prepped some new ones that we want to put in.  It's looking pretty good over there.  We also got the posts put in for the area between the rabbits and the turkeys that we want to get covered.  It will mean shade in the summer for everyone and a drier walk and feeding experience in the winter.  Yay!

Next on the agenda is to get garden beds prepped, empty last year's compost bin, and clean out the goat barn to fill the compost bin back up again.  Hooray for compost!

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