Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection Day Supper on the Homestead

We kept it fairly simple for our Holiday Supper this year.  It all came out wonderfully, though, and we really enjoyed this homestead-y family meal taken together.


We started with a smoked ham that I had saved from the half a pig we bought earlier this spring.  This is some of the most delicious ham any of us has ever had.  We'll definitely be getting another hog from these folks down the road.  Add to that some homemade baked beans, green beans, and biscuits, and you have yourself a wonderful meal!  I also put out some homemade apple butter for the biscuits and some fresh pineapple that a friend brought over earlier in the morning for an Easter present.  The pineapple was sooooo good!

I'm particularly proud of these biscuits.  I've been working at getting them right and I think I've got it!

And here is dessert!  A mock pumpkin pie made with applesauce.  I used a crustless pumpkin pie recipe and substituted some home made applesauce for the pumpkin puree.  It came out so good!  Will definitely make that again and am thinking I'll try it with some peach puree and see how that comes out, too.  You will also notice, in the background of the first picture, some lovely cupcakes and some chocolate petit fours.  Also delivered early in the morning by a dear, sweet friend.  What a treat! (the petit fours are banana bites...banana bread layered with cream cheese and dipped in chocolate.  oh la la!)


  1. That may have been "fairly simple", (in your eyes), but to ME it looks like AMBROSIA!! I ADORE ham and your sides sound wonderful!! Excuse me while I drool, ha,ha. Oh and could you please send me a ham sandwich and a piece of leftover pie? I'm HUNGRY!

  2. Any time! You come visit and I'll cook for you!!!! :)