Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nice Ta Meet You!

Spring is a busy time for so many people.  It's no exception here on the 'stead.  We're in high gear doing cleanup after a winter of sloth and 'just getting by' plus we're gearing up for summer and the garden.  We've been getting all the beds ready to accept this year's seed and plants, plus we've added some new beds to enlarge our garden space.

One new addition is this strawberry bed.  I'm so excited to get this one up and going!  A friend had a bed of strawberries that they were planning to take out and they offered the plants to us.  We built a nice home for them and then went over and dug up all these treasures last night and brough them here to their new digs.  Yay!

Right next door to the strawberries is this bed which is planted in potatoes.  We have two large potato beds planted this year. 

Look!  Some lettuce is coming up!  Yay!  Salads aren't far away!!

Tulips!  I'm so happy to see you.

And, look, there's Mr. Grapvine!  Wake up Sleepyhead!

And meet Mrs. Scarecrow.  The girls made her yesterday and got her all situated here in the garden.  Then, Baby Girl the Little'un came out and found her.  It melted me all over to watch her walk right up, shake the scarecrow by the sleeve and say, "Hello, nice ta meet you!"  My sentiments exactly, my Little Sweet Potato.  Well said!


  1. Spring has sprung for certain! LOVE this farm-y update, especially the baby girl's part, ha,ha.

  2. Isn't the promise of spring just wonderful! We've been having so much rain but I just can't wait to get out and dig in the dirt again! Your place looks great!